Leopard Print Athleisure Set

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Made plans to stay in? Treat yourself to the gorgeous Leopard Print Athleisure Set and let the house party begin! ⠀⠀
Keep it cozy and casual in our exclusive, high quality comfy loungewear that will make staying in better than going out.

This outfit is perfect for lounging at home, working out or having a house party with your besties! 
Available in Gray, Pink and Mocha.

Material : Polyester

Top Size
S       Bust 98M   Waist 66cm   Length 61cm
M      Bust 102CM  Waist 70cm  Length 62cm 
L       Bust 106CM  Waist 74cm  Length 63cm
XL      Bust 110CM  Waist 78cm  Length 64cm
XXL     Bust 114CM  Waist 82cm  Length 65cm

Pants Size

S       Hips 90m   Length 33cm
M      Hips 94cm  Length 34cm 
L       Hips 98cm  Length 35cm
XL     Hips 102cm  Length 36cm
XXL     Hips 106cm  Length 37cm

Customer Reviews

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