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I can't believe it's already time to shop for Spring 2021! As hard as 2020 has been for everyone, I am more excited than ever to jump into 2021 (anyone else?!). Here are the top trends to welcome in a fresh start. 

1. Florals

Floral patterns, a symbol for fresh starts, make their way into our wardrobes every spring, and this year is no different. Mix it up this year by pairing florals with a bold leather skirt or a contrasting floral print. 

flowers in my hair dress

Flowers in My Hair Dress, Fidgey Ray Boutique.

2. Cutout Patterns

After basically wearing loungewear for the past year, is it surprising that fashion week demonstrated a tendency to wear clothes that are a liiiiiiittle revealing? Nope. This year at fashion week, brands like Prada, Victoria Beckham, and Zara incorporated cut-out patterns into their fresh spring 'fits. 

melody camo keyhole dress

Melody Camo Keyhole Dress, Fidgey Ray Boutique.

3. Feathers

Remember when we all got feathers woven into our hair in middle school? Yes, the feather trend has been revived!

Whether you incorporate this trend by wearing a feathered skirt, feathers in your hair, or a feathered top or jacket, your fashion sense is sure to soar when you incorporate this fun trend into your wardrobe this year! 

Matter of Time Sleeveless Vest - Feather Vest

Matter of Time Sleeveless Vest, Fidgey Ray Boutique. 

4. Wide Leg Pants

On the runways at fashion week this year, designers were really into wide-leg pants. Balenciaga, Fendi, and Louis Vuitton were flaunting this flattering style, pairing with items such as bralettes and blazers. Add a pattern for even more flare!

5. Sheer Pieces

Stop hiding in your house - spring is here and it's time to show off that physique! Sheer material is a fun juxtaposition to the loungewear we've all been living in throughout 2020. Whether you incorporate this trend through a sheer puff sleeve or a full-body sheer slip dress, this trend is a must-have for 2021. 

Giacinta Leopard Top

Giacinta Leopard Top, Fidgey Ray Boutique.


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