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5 Must-Have Summer Staples You NEED This Season

Hey babes! It's almost officially summertime, and as temperatures start heating up, it's time to start adding pieces to your summer wardrobe! 

We've compile a list of 5 summer staples you NEED this season from top trending items to just plain practical. 

Let's jump in! Let us know your favorite looks in the comments below. <3 

Activewear Style Guide: Spring 2020

Workout sets have become increasingly popular amongst social media influencers, fitness models, and basically everyone at your local gym -- and there's good reason for that! Workout sets take all of the guessing out of getting ready for the gym, which is especially helpful for those early morning or late night workouts. 

Read this article to learn more about the various styles of workout sets, as well as our favorite functional style tips for in and out of the gym! We'll give you all the insider info on how to attain that bikini bod in style. ;)

Activewear Style Guide: Spring 2020