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Hi friends! Thank you so much for taking the time to read about one of our favorite bloggers, Jonay Simon. As a brand that prides itself on quality, creativity, and a love for boho-inspired fashion, seeing Jonay’s feed is SUCH a bright spot in our day. 

She describes her style as “cute, comfortable, edgy fashion that works in my everyday life. My style is boho chic mixed with fun, beach fashion. My go to outfit is a two-piece set or jumpsuit. I love outfits that can be dressed up or down and worn on a fun date night or a relaxing wine night with the girls.” What’s not to love, amirite?!

Jonay has a servant heart, a kind soul, and a passion for great content, often paired with sweet reminders of the more important things in life (which is such a gem on social media!). Through her blog, she says: “I hope to portray encouragement and inspiration for women to have confidence in how they look through style and who they are as a person. I hope to show love and passion, all while sharing my looks and content. Sharing my love for beach styled clothing and boho fashion is what is I hope to portray for my followers.”

Let’s dive a little more into what makes her unique. Jonay Simon is from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and still lives there today. She loves the beach (and looking fashionable on it!) and enjoys spending her summers at the ocean or paddle boarding on the river. Besides the beach, Jonay also finds joy in fitness and fashion, and incorporates those passions into her feed as well. She got into blogging gradually. She says that “I’ve always loved fashion and having my own style. Making a statement and feeling confident in my clothes has always been a highlight of each day for me. I got into blogging by gradually posting my outfits on Instagram and realized how much I loved sharing my outfit ideas and my style with others. I have always followed many other fashion bloggers that have inspired me as well.” On top of Her life as a blogger, Jonay is also a teacher! She teaches 7th grade math (props to ya, girl!), and enjoys teaching because it helps her to “build relationships with [the students] to make a positive impact in their lives.” 

When we asked her what inspires her, the simplicity of what she said was absolutely beautiful! Jonay is inspired simply by the gift of life, stating that : “I have one life to chase my dreams and make an impact on the world and I never want to take a single day for granted. God gives me a passion to promote positivity and love and that inspires me to spread it through outlets that I am also passionate for like fashion.” Isn’t that beautiful?! We can honestly vouch that we feel like better people simply from reading her captions and seeing her bright smile on instagram! On top of that, she always looks adorable. 

Jonay’s favorite quote is: 

“The bad news is time flies, The good news is you’re the pilot” – Michael Altshuler

Reflecting on this stunning quote, she says that “Life truly is a gift and every day we have choice of how to live it, and which direction we will take.”

Here’s a few more tidbits on this amazing blogger: 

What is your area of expertise? 

“My expertise is in putting together fun, boho, beach inspired looks, as well as my degree in middle level math.”

What is something not many people know about you? 

“Not many people know that I have talents that I had a passion for when I was younger. I did competitive dancing for eight years, played volleyball and basketball throughouthigh school, and played piano for nine years.”

What is something not many people know about blogging/being an influencer?

“Many people may not know the amount of time and hard work that goes into blogging. It takes a lot of thought to being intentional about sharing things from your life and what your passionate about, while posting great content.”

What advice would you give an aspiring blogger?

“My advice would be to stay consistent and know the reason for your blog and stay true to that.”

What are your biggest dreams? 

“My dream is to build a fashion blog that inspires and empowers women through style and confidence. I have big dreams to make a difference in people’s lives and promote positivity and inner beauty to other women. Other personal dreams of mine are to travel and see the world, build a family, encourage my students to dream as and reach higher than they thought they ever could, and reach my potential for what I was designed to do in this life.”

What would you like for people to know about you? 

“I would like people to know that I have a pure heart with my blog and goals for my life and truly want to be honest and portray a life full of passion, love, and style. God is my rock and I hope that his light shines through me, and in result encourage every woman to find her own inner beauty and also be inspired to let that shine.”

And last but definitely not least, here’s a little bit about Jonay’s experience with our shop: 

“Fidgey Ray is now one of my favorite boutiques! The boho style goes along with my beach vibe looks and their clothing is top notch! My favorite item from their boutique so far is the ‘Delanie Dress’ (pictured below). I feel like a mermaid in this dress and it is different from anything else in my closet! The detailed netting in the top and the fringe layers make this dress a must have for summertime!”

Jonay in our ‘Delanie Dress’. 

Jonay in our ‘First Crush Romper’.

Jonay in our ‘Indio Tank’. 

So, if you’re looking for a boho + beachwear blogger that is sure to brighten up your feed, find Jonay on instagram @theartofbeachin and Like to Know It @theartofbeachin. We can’t wait to watch her blog grow! 💕 Thank you so much, Jonay, for sharing your style and business with our little shop! We love working with you + can’t wait to see you in our fall styles. 


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