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Retro and vintage style are back in the public's eye - but how does the everyday gal style vintage and retro pieces or inspirations in a way that doesn't make her look like she's wearing a Halloween costume? We've rounded up our top tips for dressing vintage and retro during your every day, walk out the door, looks. A lot of people think that they can't pull vintage or retro off, and that's just not true! You just have to find a way to incorporate these looks without looking costumey (or if costumey is for you, go for it girl!). 

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1. Pick a Statement Piece

When first starting to dress vintage, it can be a little bit overwhelming. Don't worry though, you don't have to jump into the deep end! An easy way to dip your toes into the world of vintage and retro is to just pick one piece. Pick a shirt, a pair of earrings, or a skirt that speaks to you and figure out a way to fit that one piece into your next outfit. 

2. Go All In or Pick One Element 

If you're ready to go all in - do it! There's no right or wrong way to do vintage fashion. If you want to go for a period look, pick pieces that are from or represent that style. If you want to incorporate different periods, do that! There's nothing wrong with mixing 70s bell bottoms with a top from the 40s. Just do whatever feels great for you!

3. Keep It Functional 

If you're just diving into vintage fashion, it can be a little scary, and that's okay! Just make sure whatever outfit you pick is functional and comfortable for you. You don't want distractions from being uncomfortable to distract you from really enjoying your look. 

4. Find Vintage Pieces that Follow Current Trends

Did you know that most modern trends are just re-creations and reinterpretations of vintage fashion trends? It's true! If you took a look around a thrift store or a vintage clothing store, odds are you'd find a lot of pieces that look similar to things you'd find at the mall. This is because many designers get their inspiration from vintage fashion, and a lot of those looks just need a little modernization to become new again. So when you're just starting out on your vintage journey, find something similar to what you might already have in your closet!

5. Use What You Have On Hand

Chances are that you naturally have a vibe to your outfits or a certain style that really speaks to you! Use that! If you naturally gravitate towards laid back, floral looks, 70s pieces might be your vibe. Or if you're more into neutrals and harder lines, 40s and 50s fashion might really interest you. Don't be afraid to explore and find out what speaks to you and what you already have in your closet. 

6. Mix Vintage or Retro with Modern Pieces

We kind of already touched on this, but use what you have! It's too easy to style a vintage top with a modern set of denim jeans or shorts. Don't fret about not having enough vintage pieces, just incorporate what you already have into your wardrobe. You can also just incorporate vintage-inspired pieces into your wardrobe if you don't have vintage pieces on hand. We have tons of vintage-inspired options on the site!

7. Keep Hair and Makeup Simple

With vintage outfits, it's easy to feel overwhelmed and put a lot of pressure on yourself to figure out how your makeup and hair should look to match your outfits. Don't worry about that! Unless you're going for a full period look and you want to incorporate vintage-style hair and makeup, and do the research to get those looks exactly right, just stick with what you know. A modern hair and makeup look suits a vintage outfit perfectly. 

6. Be Confident

Whatever outfit you choose, choose it because it feels good FOR YOU. And rock that look knowing that you are creatively expressing yourself for yourself and no one else. If you feel good in what you're wearing, that's all you need. 


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