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Hi there! I’m Savanna and I am the author and owner of SweetSavLeigh blog! I am a full-time middle school teacher, and also full-time fashion lover. I started this blog as an outlet to share my “passion for fashion” with other women who have the same interests as me! I love sharing affordable pieces and how to style almost anything. I invite you to follow along on this blogging journey of mine by visiting, and following @sweetsavleigh on Instagram for daily fashion inspiration! 

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When I first heard the mission and background of Fidgey Ray Boutique, I knew that I had to work with them! I have such high respect for all veterans, especially female, who prove that women can do anything men can do (if not better)! I absolutely adore Fidgey Ray’s mission of helping women across the globe by supporting the Free Yezidi Foundation. Their mission makes shopping with them just that much better! 

One trend that I am really into this spring are graphic tees.  I love how there are so many different ways to style them, and there’s a graphic tee for almost every mood! I wasn’t super into the graphic tee trend when I first saw it because I’m not one to wear “band t-shirts”, especially for bands that I honestly cannot name one song of! However, Fidgey Ray has some super cute graphic tees and tanks that are non-band related, making them so much easier for me to wear and style! 

One of the best parts of graphic tees is just how many different ways you can wear them. Oversized with leggings, tucked into mom jeans, knotted with some denim shorts. Or, just oversized and lounging around the house! They truly are the perfect item to throw on when you want that casual, relaxed look, but also like you put a little bit of effort in! 

peachy graphic tee with denim shorts and steve madden shoes

My favorite graphic tank from Fidgey Ray this season is this Peachy one! I love the colors, love the saying, and it is so soft! I have it paired with denim shorts here, both tucked in and tied! You can use my code “SAVANNAS15” for 15% off of yours!

woman in peachy graphic tee with denim shorts in front of mirror


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