Boutique Babe Spotlight: Kathryn Couto – Fidgey Ray Boutique

This week, we're so excited to shine the spotlight on another one of our Boutique Babes, Kathryn Couto.

Kathryn Couto is one of our Boutique Babes that has been with us since the beginning. Kathryn, from Louisiana, has a presence on Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook. We connected with her through Instagram, and we were quickly drawn to her positive spirit and the happy vibes that shine through her page. She isn't a "blogger" in the traditional sense, but her positivity is influential! She is starting a new chapter and pursuing new things, including fitness and fashion.

She loves to keep it simple in her style. Her outfit features a lot of nude colors and jeans. We love this casual-chic look! Below, she's showing off our "Keep It Casual" Sweater along with a simple and chic pair of black leggings.

woman standing in front of mirror taking selfie in cream chic sweater and black leggings

Her wardrobe staple is a cute v-neck blouse. Everyone needs a cute blouse in their closet, and a v-neck is so flattering on every woman!

Kathryn says she is very shy, but enjoys spending time with her husband and her pups. She is inspired by Jessie Burr, because "She went from being someone who was wasn't a motivator. Almost 6 years ago she started a workout program and has done so much with her life. From helping others, traveling the world and making it a life long career."

Kathryn's biggest goal in life is to feel comfortable in her own skin -- isn't that beautiful? What a simple and strong goal to have.

Women like Kathryn are the reason we love this business - we hope that our clothing allows you to feel more free in the fabric of your own skin.


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