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Welcome to the first post in our new blog series, FRBoutiqueBabes, a blog dedicated to showcasing and honoring the amazing women that sport our clothing and represent our brand. In a world saturated with millions of bloggers and influencers, it can feel like these bloggers are inaccessible to us "regular" folks. But then gems like Addyson come along and remind us that very influential and successful bloggers are real people too, with real lives and interests outside of their picture-perfect lives on the 'gram and their blogs. That's what this blog series is about. We want to break down the barriers between our "Boutique Babes", aka women who represent our baby brand, and our loyal followings. 

So, cheers to you for being here! We appreciate you reading our blog from the bottom of our hearts. 

Okay! Enough of that. Let's talk about this gem! Meet Addy, a lifestyle and fashion blogger who shares an impressive range of style that will leave you wanting more with every post.

Addyson Danick, a lifestyle and fashion blogger from a small town in Kentucky, is a shining example of what our brand represents. She has a fighting spirit and draws inspiration from women "who are out here being their own boss", which motivates her to work even harder to accomplish her dreams. Addy truly loves what she does as a blogger, and her love and passion shines through in her posts. She is a beacon of positivity and positively adorable outfits. What more could you want? 

Our favorite thing about Addy is the positivity that she radiates on Instagram and through her blog. She says: "I hope to inspire people so that they can be who they truly are no matter what society tells them. I want people to use my blog as an outlet to get away from the negativity." A fashion + lifestyle blogger with a huge heart to match is sure to capture a loyal following, and it's clear that that has been one of the main reasons for success. I mean, she has gained that loyal of a following and she just started her blog LAST YEAR. When Addy reached out to us to collaborate, we knew she was a perfect match for our growing company. It's rare that you find someone who has a contagious smile through a dm, but Addy does for sure!

If you check out her blog, you'll find simple, classy, chic style with all of the inspiration you need to dress up your basic pieces. We also love the range of styles that she shares in insta, from outfits with a more vintage feel to pieces with a carefree, boho-chic aesthetic. Addy was inspired to start her blog after being a huge fan of Katy Roach (@livingmybeststyle), another lifestyle + fashion blogger big in the instagram world. Following Katy’s journey inspired Addy to begin her own blog, and she hasn’t looked back since! Addy’s blog was even more inspiring to our team at FRB when we learned that she can actually be really introverted, and although she may come off as a really outgoing person, she is quiet most times (we feel you, Addy!).

A few of our favorite looks by Addy: 

Loving the vintage vibes here! Okay, this graphic tee and the graphic background go perfectly together. We also love the message "Be Kind. It's free" that Addy is showing off here!

Carefree boho vibes? Yes please! We are in love with the way Addy styled this flowy shirt with darker jeans. It's just such a casual and fun look perfect for spring and summer.

IN LOVE with this vintage aesthetic. Isn't this just the coolest shot?! 

TOTAL BABE. We love how the saying on the tee matches her bright personality. 

Here's a few more things that we learned about Addy: 

Favorite quote: “She believed she could, so she did.” is my favorite quote because it’s exactly what I did. I believed I could make it in the blogger community, and I did!

Favorite things to do: spend time with her husband, work on her blog, and keep busy.

What’s one thing most people don’t know about blogging? “The long hours we work on our phones and computers! I can easily spend 8 hours a day on my phone.”

What’s your biggest dream? “To be a mother one day!”

Any advice for new bloggers or those interested in blogging? “Just do it!!! Put your mind to it, and just do it! Also, don’t give up when it gets tough! The outcome is so worth it.”

Thank you, Addy, for reminding us that the only thing holding us back is ourselves, and for showing off some rad outfits in the process. We are so grateful to have you as part of the Fidgey Ray Boutique team, and we are so looking forward to growing alongside you and seeing how you style our clothing in the future. 

Where to find Addy:

Instagram: @thatssoaddy

Pinterest: @thatssoaddy

Poshmark: @thatssoaddy


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