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I created my own custom lipstick and I am IN LOVE. 
I'm pretty sure every makeup lover has had this problem before: you get to the beauty counter, scour the internet, and you STILL can't find your perfect shade of lipstick. 
Don't get me wrong, I've found some amazing shades from my favorite brands (looking at you, Tarte, Bite, and Nars). But I feel like I've always had an idea in my head of "my" shade of lipstick. One that I could never find in stores.
When I started my boutique back in 2019, I was not expecting it to be this much work (since we're being honest). But along the way, I've met some amazing business women in e-commerce that have helped me find my own path (*clears throat*...Courtney and Diamond!). When I get the chance to support them, I love to jump on it. 
So when my friend Diamond from Lip N' Pour told me about her custom cosmetic line where you get to create your own shade of lipstick and lipgloss, you know I had to try it out. In this post, I'm sharing my custom lipstick experience with Lip N' Pour. Check it out!
The Process
Okay, so I have to admit. When Diamond told me I was going to be able to create my custom lipstick ONLINE, I freaked. I thought there was no way that I'd be able to get the perfect shade online. But, when she explained the process to me, it all came together. 
To create a custom lipstick, you go to her website ( and click on the button to create a Custom Lipstick. Then, you get to pick three colors to blend together. There's even a color guide so you don't get stuck. After you've picked three colors to mix, you click to the next screen, where you get to adjust the PERCENTAGE of the colors you're blending, to create your perfect custom color. 
Once you've settled on your dream color, you proceed to the next screen. This is where you get to choose your finish (matte, creme, or liquid matte), any add-ons you want, and your fragrance. And my favorite part - you get to name it! I named mine Boss Bitch, of course. ;) 
The Result
For my lip color, I went with a matte lipstick in a wine/cranberry color. Boss B*tch is a badass color, yall. It's definitely for days where I want to feel bold and fearless! 
When it arrived at my house (from Diamond's studio in North Carolina, where everything is crafted from the best, high quality ingredients), I was blown away at how amazing this was. The product felt amazing on my lips, didn't dry them out, smelled great, and had a long-lasting color that even looked good after eating!
If you're like me and you have always dreamed of creating your own custom lipstick color, my friend Diamond has come up with the perfect solution. 
Don't forget to check it out here! And if you try LNP, we'd love to know! Tag us on Instagram @fidgeyray with #fidgeyraymission and let's spread the word about allll these amazing, woman-owned small businesses. 


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