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Hey girl - Katie here! Today I'm going to walk you step-by-step through my daily makeup routine. If you're looking for a 15-minute makeup routine, this one's for you (because that's all I usually have time for!). 
When I wake up in the morning, the first thing I do after brushing my teeth is fill up a big glass of water and enjoy it. This may sound crazy, but honestly water is the first part of my skincare routine! After sleeping all night, your skin (and the rest of you) can get dehydrated. Hydrating first thing in the morning helps promote healthier skin. 
When it's time to start getting ready, here's what I do. 
1. Cleanser
To start off, I clean my skin using Tula's Probiotic Cult Classic Purifying Face Cleanser. My hormones fluctuate pretty badly throughout the month, causing spontaneous breakouts from hell. Between hydrating and Tula, I've definitely seen a huge improvement in my skin's health! To wash my face, I just put a bit of cleanser on the tips of my fingers, use cold water (it helps me wake up), and gently massage my face and neck. Then I rinse and pat gently with a towel. 
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2. Toner
Next, I apply Toner to my skin to promote a healthy glow and an even skin tone. With just 2 pumps in the morning and at night, my face has definitely evened out.
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3. Under-Eye Balm
As someone who suffers from a case of very strong dark-under-eye genes, brightening eye balm is a lifesaver! I usually wake up with puffy eyes, under eye bags, and dark circles. By using cold water to wash my face and applying this brightening balm, I am able to help my eyes look brighter, feel more awake, and reduce the puffiness and dark circles that I am plagued with. I highly recommend Tula's eye balm! It's a crowd favorite. :) 
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4. Moisturizer
Always moisturize! I use Tula's moisturizer. I love it! After this, I usually go pack my lunch and let it all soak in.
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5. Sunscreen
If you don't use sunscreen as part of your morning skincare routine, I highly recommend! Sunscreen is so vital to protecting your skin, maintaining a smooth complexion, and it will help you age flawlessly. I use Tula's, of course. :)
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6. Primer
After sunscreen, I use a tone-correcting primer. This helps even out some of the redness in my skin and makes the perfect base layer before I start makeup. 
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When it comes to skincare, I know this sounds like a lot! But skin prep is key to great makeup, and it feels SO good to prep your skin each morning. It really gets your day off to a great start! At max, this routine takes 10 minutes. If I'm really on top of it and don't take breaks to let each step set in, I can do it in 5. 
Now, the fun part! It's time for makeup. I only use the basics for my every day look. I usually am rushed to get out the door and I don't want to look too made up at work (I have a full time job in th defense department, so I keep it light!). My makeup routine is simple and easy, and still makes me feel sexy and put together. What more could you ask for? 
1. Foundation
I use CoverFX foundation. I don't have a special secret for applying my foundation...I just put a dime sized amount on the tips of my fingers and smooth into my face and neck. *Sidenote - I am OBSESSED with CoverFX's descriptions that helped me match my foundation online. I have darker skin with yellow undertones, and this is the first time I've ever felt like my foundation matched  my skin perfectly. In love. 
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2. Concealer
Using Tarte's Shape Tape Concealer, I apply three little dots under each eye and blend using a sponge. I blend it out to the tops of my cheekbones and all over my eyelids. On a daily basis, I don't typically use eyeshadow primer because it feels a little heavy to me. I've found that concealer does the trick for me! 
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5. Eye Shadow
I use the Urban Decay Naked 2 Basics palette for eyeshadow. I typically opt for a light taupe/light brown eye color all over my lids. To apply, I tap the shadow gently with a big, fluffy brush and gently apply to my eyelids.  Then I go into the same palette with an angled brush and apply a darker tone as eyeliner only on the top. This gives my eyes a little bit of dimension and makes them pop without looking too heavy. 
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6. Mascara
The last step for eyes, mascara is my favorite part of my makeup routine! I use Tarte's Maneater Mascara. I'm obsessed with it because it separates, lifts, and curls my lashes perfectly and it's buildable. If I'm going for a more dramatic look, I will just apply another coat. It stays on too and doesn't feel too heavy on my lashes. 
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7. Bronzer
After the rest of my makeup, I apply my bronzer on my cheekbones and hairline. My go-to has been the Tarte Amazonian Waterproof Bronzer because it doesn't make me look too shiny or like I'm just wearing highlighter. It really just helps me give my face some dimension and accentuates my natural features.
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8. Lip Balm
Finally, I apply moisturizing lip balm! My personal favorite is Burt's Bees Vanilla Lip Balm. It smells so yummy and feels amazing. I rotate these out depending on the day though. The world is your oyster!
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And, that's it! I hope you enjoyed my quick and easy morning skin and makeup routine! If you try out anything from this blog, make sure to let us know on instagram @fidgeyray , and use #FIDGEYRAYBABE for a chance to be featured on our page!


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