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While summer is great for #hotgirlsummer and winter is great for hibernating and celebrating the holidays, the coziest season, fall, is PERFECT for dating. 

It's no secret that fall is cuffing season, but why? Because the autumn months are full of opportunities to connect, enjoy each other's company, and reignite a flame. Whether you're just stepping back onto the dating scene (especially if you're reading this in 2021!) or you've been together for a while, autumn is perfect for dating and checking off your "cute couple activity" list. Also, if you aren't dating - you can still enjoy these activities! Just get out there and have fun.
During the fall, there are SO MANY cute date ideas - from spooky season date nights to haunted houses, ghost tours, and Halloween parties to harvest activities like apple picking, baking, and hiking. 
It's time to (finally) get out of your house and enjoy everything at your fingertips this fall! Try one of these 30 fall date ideas to make this autumn one to remember and cherish for years to come. 
And now...48 Cute Fall Date Ideas!


  1. Go to a farmers market and buy alllllll the sweets, harvest goodies, and flowers!
  2. Have a bonfire.
  3. Go horseback riding.
  4. Spend the day redecorating for fall!
  5. Go on a ghost tour.
  6. Have a seance (if you can try without laughing).
  7. Pick a topic and recreate Drunk History at home. 
  8. Attend a Halloween party.
  9. Go on a hike in a local hiking spot.
  10. Go apple-picking.
  11. Go pumpkin-picking.
  12. Paint or carve pumpkins.
  13. Go for a hayride.
  14. Cozy up in a café (or the couch) with some books.
  15. Go on a scavenger hunt for the craziest pumpkin-spice-themed goodies you can find.
  16. Make your own pumpkin-spice drinks (or grab the traditional PSL from Starbs).
  17. Go to the fair and eat all the churros!
  18. Visit a haunted house.
  19. Go for a haunted hayride.
  20. Visit a corn maze.
  21. Bake an apple pie together.
  22. Go sweater shopping together.
  23. Volunteer at a park together.
  24. Volunteer at an animal shelter together.
  25. Stay in and watch movies under the blankets.
  26. Go out and have a picnic.
  27. Go for a hike and watch the leaves change color.
  28. Read spooky stories to each other by a fire.
  29. Make s’mores together.
  30. Go to the library together.
  31. Go on a beer-tasting tour.
  32. Visit a distillery or winery.
  33. Make candles.
  34. Spike PSLs and race each other through a corn maze.
  35. Go thrifting for flannels together.
  36. Make ceramics.
  37. Go paddle boating and have a picnic.
  38. Run a race together. Or have a gym date!
  39. Go canoeing or kayaking.
  40. Go to a football game.
  41. Pack a picnic basket and cuddle up on a nice meal.
  42. Visit Salem, Massachusetts and do all the spooky things!
  43. Try going to a psychic, just for fun!
  44. Make candy apples.
  45. Have a day of crafting. Try something new!
  46. Go ice skating.
  47. Bundle up in blankets on an empty beach.
  48. Go antique shopping together.

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