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If you're having trouble finding the motivation to work out, the promise of bettering your mental health might help. 

In a world where anxiety and depression are raging (especially in the midst of the global COVID pandemic), it's important to find ways to improve our mental health despite our current global circumstances. 

According to a study published by , "Evidence has suggested that exercise may be an often-neglected intervention in mental health care. Aerobic exercises, including jogging, swimming, cycling, walking, gardening, and dancing, have been proved to reduce anxiety and depression." 

Regular exercise provides the following benefits: 

  1. Improved sleep

  2. Increased interest in sex

  3. Better endurance

  4. Stress relief

  5. Improvement in mood

  6. Increased energy and stamina

  7. Reduced tiredness that can increase mental alertness

  8. Weight reduction

  9. Reduced cholesterol and improved cardiovascular fitness

Most people are aware of these potential benefits, yet when we are feeling stressed, anxious, or depressed - exercise can be one of the first things to fly out the window. 

According to the referenced study, "Exercise improves mental health by reducing anxiety, depression, and negative mood and by improving self-esteem and cognitive function. Exercise has also been found to alleviate symptoms such as low self-esteem and social withdrawal."

So next time you're feeling low, unmotivated, or stuck - think about this and be kind to your mind by implementing some movement into your day. If you need additional support and free resources, we'd love for you to join us in our FREE Facebook group here. 



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