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Let's face it. Working out from home can be tough. If you don't know where to start to get the results you want, this full body, no-equipment-needed workout is your new go-to. 

Let's jump in! A short and sweet workout for women, this 30-45 minute workout is too simple. Set your timer for 7 minutes, and do as many rounds of Set 1 as you can. Then, set your timer for 7 minutes, and complete as many rounds of Set 2 as you can. Repeat. 

Set 1: As many rounds as possible in 7 minutes (Repeat twice)

  • Pushups (20)
  • Half-Burpees (20)
  • Situps (20)
    • Jump Squats (20)



    Set 2: AMRAP in 7 minutes (Repeat twice)

    • Jumping Jacks (50)


    • Squats (20)
      • 1 minute forearm plank


      • Inchworms (20)


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