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We're coming up on a YEAR of being locked away in quarantine, and we all know that one of the first things to go over this past year was motivation. 

So how do you build that motivation back up when you have none? Here are my top tips for reigniting that desire to workout, because we all know we need to move!

#1: Set aside time to workout each day (even if you start with only 10-15 minutes)

The first step to building momentum is getting intentional and getting consistent. Start small, but start building that consistency over time. 

#2: Fuel your body with foods that give you energy

You will NEVER feel like doing anything if you don't fuel your body with the nutrients it needs to run efficiently. Make sure you are eating whole foods, and focusing on unprocessed foods. 

#3: Re-evaluate your goals

It can be SUPER difficult to feel motivated to reach your goals if you feel like you can never reach them. Set smaller goals for yourself in the beginning, especially if you're new to fitness. Make sure you set goals that are challenging, but realistic. 

#4: Set small, attainable goals for quick wins to build momentum

Breaking up your BIG goals into smaller goals is an easy way to get quick wins and build momentum, which in turn builds motivation.

#5: Track your progress + habits

You build what you track. If you're not tracking your goals or habits, it will be a lot more difficult to see your progress and you'll lose sight of your vision. Use a simple habit tracker to hold yourself accountable and see your progress.

#6: Let go of the guilt

What's in the past is done. You can't change it. You have this moment, though. Forgive yourself for not reaching your goals in the past, and don't sabotage your future by beating yourself up over it. 

#7: Get an accountability partner (or group)

If you are doing fitness alone, stop. Having an accountability partner or gym buddy is an awesome way to build motivation, because you go from doing it on your own to being part of a team. You are far more likely to reach your goals if you have someone else by your side cheering you on. 

#8: Reward yourself when you reach your goals

Give yourself little rewards to look forward to when you reach your goals! That pair of shoes you've been wanting, your favorite treat, anything that will motivate you and keep you going!


I really hope this helped you get motivated to workout again! Movement is so important for our overall health, but I know how hard it can be to just get started again. If you need a little extra help, let me know by emailing me at katie@fidgeyray.com. I'd love to help you out!


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